Jul 25

Meet the 10 most viewed films in Chile during 2016

The Chilean Multisalas Exhibitors Chamber made a study called “The Cinema in Chile in 2016” that was released a few days ago where it indicates which were the most successful and least seen debuts in 2016.

According to the study, last year, 216 film bets were shown between foreign and national, four less than 2015. Among these 216, only 18 were national and one of them is among the 10 most successful.

Almost 12 million viewers were the total audience of the ranking of the 10 first films where 70 thousand people attended less than 2015.

Ranking first 10 films in 2016

1. The ice age: clash of worlds: the American film that tells how the universe was created along with the protagonists of the saga, Sid, Manny and Diego had 1,530,159 spectators being the most watched nationally.

2. Finding Dory: 1,510,182 attendees

3. The secret life of your pets: 1,307,317 attendees

4. No Filter (Chilean): 1,290,926 attendees

5. Captain America: Civil War Attendants

6. The spell 2: 1,188,810 attendees

7. The Book of the Jungle: 975,528 attendees

8. Suicidal Squad: 954,158 attendees

9. Zootopia: 950,245 attendees

10. Batman Vs Superman: The Origin of Justice: 905,554 attendees

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