Jun 27

Chile on the lips of Hollywood: Films that mention us in their scripts

It resembles what it feels like when you’re watching a series of photos and you suddenly appear in one of them, having no idea they’ve been taken. That is the sense of ownership and impact when they name Chile in an international film. In this case, we selected the most famous American films where the writer was inspired in our country to write some line in the dialogues … even to mention that we are a seismic country.

In the first Jurassic Park (1993), multi-millionaire John Hammond, creator of the park, approaches a group of people who are getting to know the Velociraptor and points out “Alejandro has prepared A delicious menu. A Chilean bass, I think “.

In the movie Devil with the Devil (2000), Liz Hurley, who plays the devil, tells Brendan Fraiser to quickly say what he wants because he has to “go make an earthquake in Chile” … fortunately that year The thing was calm for our lands.

The film Ronin (1998), starring Robert de Niro, has a scene where there is an attack on the ice rink and one of the bad guys from the movie comes off. However, at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, they manage to capture him and he tries to escape the police by shouting “It’s all in order, I’m a Chilean citizen!” If they saw her, they will know that her lie did not help much …

A phrase that may have us all fresher, is taken from Loco by Mary (1998). When Matt Dillon goes to an event with Mary, she introduces him as a talented architect. One of his friends asks where he can see his work and he thinks for a moment and mentions a remote place “Let me see … have you ever been to Santiago de Chile?” To his misfortune Mary’s friend was a man traveled and had visited our country twice. Matt assures him that the building that is in front of the National Stadium, is his work.